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” ARP” ether proto 0806
” ARP” ether proto arp
” ARP” arp


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VOIP Field Notes

Technical Field Notes

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Technical Field Notes

Reference List of Cisco, 3COM, & Intel Switches That Support Port Mirroring Common switches sorted by Port mirroring supported

Cisco Technical Support & Documentation Tools & Resources Most Requested ToolsCisco SPAN Documents

Technical Links

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Technical Links

The Tech Firm Tony Fortunato a very talented Network Analyst, where you will find helpful technical ideas.

VOIP Wiki A Reference Guide To All Things VOIP


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TCP Ports: A listing of common TCP Ports.

TCP Ports Web Sites: A list of sites that contain TCP Ports.

Microsoft Field Notes

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Microsoft Field Notes

Microsoft Computer Start Up Process: a detail analysis of Microsoft client booting up. Each step is detailed with a description of every process. Each step has a quick trace file that shows each component looks like on the wire.

Linux Network Tools & Terms

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Linux Network Tools and Terms

arp Address resolution protocol Type “arp -a” to display entries in the arp cache.

ifconfig A command line tool used to configure a network interface. There is a man page available for this program.

ifdown Shuts down a network interface

Data Analysis

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Data Analysis Field Notes

VOIP Wiki – a reference guide to all things VOIP

A Reference Guide To All Things VOIP