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We looked at several options when we needed to get our team trained for packet analysis. There are a lot of courses available out there, most with talented people behind them, but the ability to get a customized training package for us that would address our very specific needs is just priceless, and that is something we could only get with Gearbit. The combination of talent, expertise and value is unmatched in the market. I would recommend Gearbit for any packet analysis training and for their extensive knowledge of how the network “works” when you have one of those elusive network problems we all get sooner or later.
– Juan Martinez, Supervisor-Network Engineers- Global Telecom, Hewlett-Packard, Houston, TX

Center Point Energy

Gearbit quickly identified network “abusers” and, as the newly hired IT Director, I was able to show upper management exactly why and where the network was running slow AND how to fix it without a huge investment. Gearbit and Ray Tompkins’ expertise are simply the best bang for your buck in network assessment and improved throughput efficiency. If you think you have a network problem, let Gearbit give you that health report in writing.
-Fred Beyersdorfer, IT Manager, Center Point Energy, Houston, TX

Cyfair ISD

Gearbit allows for a unique view of network protocols and traffic management. Even in today’s dynamic networking environments, the ability to see and analyze data streams at a bit level is still lacking. Gearbit brings a plethora of discovery and evaluation tools that will allow even the most sophisticated of networks to be deposed and interpreted at a basic level of ones and zeros. The most powerful tool in their arsenal has been and remains to be the staff itself. The engineering team has unparalleled experience in packet analysis and network troubleshooting. If there is a problem out there that cannot be discovered by Ray and his team, I have yet to run across it.
– Fred Brenz, WAN Manager, Cypress Fairbanks ISD, Houston , TX

Providing support for our 100k+ user network is at times very daunting. The occasional issue that previously left us scratching our heads now gets looked at with new eyes. Ray’s class definitely improved our skill sets.
-Thomas G. Hollister, Senor Network Engineer, Cypress Fairbanks ISD, Houston, TX



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