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Gearbit’s cost effective  data recorder/packet analyzers perform critical network analysis at the packet level, allowing quicker identification of the root cause. By finding the “needle in the hay stack” they greatly speed your analysis in identifying the issue at hand.

“Our customers tell us the gearbox protocol analyzer has been a huge help to network analysts needing deep packet inspection for potential issues and predefined anomalies,” said Ray Tompkins, founder of Gearbit. “These new protocol analyzer models will provide additional flexibility for networking professionals, allowing them to customize a network analysis solution for their specific technical and financial needs.”

The Gearbit Gearbox appliance uses packet traffic, the most important component of network trouble resolution, exposing issues at all seven layers. Gearbit Gearbox appliances provide the packet-level intelligence necessary in solving problems, throughout the network, traditional IT infrastructure and packet streams to and from private, managed, and public cloud environments.

Gearbit Gearbox appliances include:

• Stream-Disk Breakneck Speeds

• Continues nonstop anomaly examination

• Gearbit proactive identification of issues at all seven layers

• Packet capture and real-time network packet analysis

• Remote Web-View for quick analysis packets access

Gearbit NP network adapters provide throughput performance equal to theoretical maximum.    

• Stream-Disk Breakneck Speeds with Continuous, visibility into application and performance

Web-View for Quick packets access, lowering the download bandwidth requirements  

Several models are available to accommodate deployments across the modern IP network from 1TB to 288 TB Hard Drive capacity 

NEBS for Telecom and Federal Network Environment

For monitoring in harsh environments or sensitive networks, Gearbit has NEBS compliant systems, commonly required in telecom and federal networks. NEBS-3 and ETSI compliant standard building blocks used in a variety of telecom applications and are important for satisfying the demanding requirements and limited space of the telecom central office.


Key Benefits:

• NEBS-3 / ETSI compliant

• Telco alarm management

• Long life support (3-5 years)

• Short depth (20”) ruggedized chassis

• Dual, redundant AC or DC power option

• Industry-leading performance/watt


Supported Protocols

Gearbit currently supports one of the largest ranges of protocols in the industry. Currently 1,170 protocols (and packet types) are currently supported by Gearbit Gearbox.

Protocol Analyzer Availability

The complete line of gearbox protocol analyzers is now available to order.

About Gearbit

Gearbit is a comprehensive network management company that provides innovative networking products, services and training for use in today’s complex networking environments. Gearbit is a privately held company with headquarters in Austin, Texas.