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Network Analysis Training with the Wireshark Analyzer

Our goal is to provide knowledge transfer and a detailed view of protocols and how they flow through the network. The goal of this course is to empower the analyst with advanced troubleshooting techniques. This view through an analyzer reveals the true state of the network and the engineering that supports popular technology. Key concepts covered include:

  • A review of packet traces that have problems at various layers of the OSI
  • Proper client and server configurations
  • Application analysis accurately measuring response time
  • Performance effectiveness
  • How to report the results

About the instructor: Ray Tompkins, a Senior Network Specialist with over 33 years experience in troubleshooting, design, and implementation. His background includes 911 emergency consulting, and identifying the root cause of critical network problems. His knowledge of network protocols (LAN, VoIP, WAN and WLAN) and how they work within the enterprise networks are the key in providing customer service and education.

Sharkfest Wireshark Developers and Users Conference, Stanford University; 
Presenter Ray Tompkins.


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