Application Analysis

Review of applications to determine whether bandwidth, server or transaction overloads are the problem and correct them. Microsoft, SQL, HTTP, SMB, Software based VoIP, SIP

Network Health Check

Review traffic loads, for bits per second, packets per second as well as client and server configuration for optimal throughput.

Network Troubleshooting

Onsite visits to examine the problem. Identify the cause and guide the application, network and server teams in the resolution.


Approaching, analyzing and solving problems within VoIP infrastructure, quality of services considerations and adhering to VoIP protocols and communication. Understanding enterprise voice (Microsoft software-powered VoIP) in an IP telephony environment.


Live data collection with active and passive surveys to simulate and measure network performance with scientific precision.


Technical Training

  • Connector.

    Throughput and Performance

    (1) Use of tools
    (2) Monitoring up down status throughput
    (3) Calculating distance, bandwidth and packet latency
    (4) Graphs that allow you to present the results

  • Connector.

    Network Analysis with Packet Detail

    (1) Detailed view of protocols and how they flow through the network
    (2) This course empowers the analyst with advanced troubleshooting techniques

  • Connector.

    Wireless LAN

    (1) Learn the importance consideration for RF modulation and RF spectrum data
    (2) Causes of interference and distortion