Sharkfest 2011

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4th Annual Sharkfest is June 13th to 16th, 2011

SHARKFEST is an annual gathering, instantiated in 2007, with the purpose of providing a forum for knowledge-sharing between the global Wireshark and Open Source development community and users of the world’s most popular and widely-deployed network analyzer. Participants receive a rich educational experience, allowing all to extend their use of Wireshark and other Open Source tools to make the most of their data analysis experiences and existing network infrastructure.

Sharkfest 2010 Wireshark Developer and User Conference

Another SHARKFEST has come and gone, and we thank each one for making this a successful, richly educational event once again. All session presentations are available from, and recordings of many sessions can be found at

You can also find Ray Tompkins’s presentation Analyzing TCPIP with Wireshark as well as other institutor’s that presented at Sharkfest 2010.

Sharkfest 2009

The second annual Sharkfest was a big success and even better than the first. What makes this conference unique is the core group of network analysts that contribute information and techniques. From Laura Chapel’s information on finding those hacks and viruses to Jerold Comes sharing his in-depth knowledge of Wireshark core code and how it works. Even the vendors attending and sponsoring the event have a distinctive flair.

Sharkfest 2009 gearbit Presentations and Video

  1. Finding the Latency (pdf)
  2. How Protocols Work (pdf)
  3. Wireshark Charts & IO Graphs (pdf
  4. Finding the Latency VIDEO















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