Real-Time Network Monitoring

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Network management and monitoring – it’s not just routers, switches, and firewalls in today’s datacenters. More than ever before, managing a network means managing devices and applications on the network. Across the world, network administrators are consolidating physical servers to VMware, monitoring Active Directory performance, troubleshooting VoIP phone systems, and more.

In a highly virtualized world with rapidly changing dynamic workloads and resource allocations, a continuous understanding of how a service or an application maps to and performs within the current state of the infrastructure configuration is imperative. It requires a very tight coupling and feedback loop between configuration, performance and events across the entire supporting infrastructure.

Model-Driven to Respond to Network Topologies

There’s nothing worse than getting hundreds of false server alarms when a router interface fails, unless it’s configuring the false alarm detection in two, three, or four different management tools! Zenoss builds and keeps current a model of the entire network – routers, interfaces, routes – and devices, too. Zenoss monitoring keeps up with rapidly changing usage patterns due to virtualization consolidation, and facilitates issue resolution whether it’s server, network, or application.

Next generation datacenters need next generation dynamic service assurance. To maximize the benefit of next generation IT and move more of their infrastructure to the virtual and cloud-based world, enterprises need to take a new approach to management.

With Zenoss, network administrators get an able, agile, and affordable product to effectively assure service to their physical, virtual, public/private cloud infrastructures.

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